​​​​​A Fox on the Fairway

Written by Ken Ludwig

Directed by Milton R. Zoth           Produced by The Lakeway Players

Performance Dates:   May 9-11, 2024      @ 7:30 pm        Lakeway Activity Center

Rehearsals will begin in March, 2024

Lakeway Players is holding open auditions for A Fox on the Fairway

Lakeway Activity Center

Wednesday, Jan. 24 from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm   Room F

Saturday, Jan. 27   from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm    Room C

Callbacks will be  Monday, Jan. 29 from 6:30 - 8:30 pm   Room F

Open Audition Instructions
Please send headshots and CVs to Milton Zoth ([email protected]) before auditions. Actors should bring a comedic monologue or joke. Walk-ins are welcome.  

     CASTING: 3m, 3f       Although characters have general age guidelines, casting is flexible as to age and

                                       race.  In the descriptions below, ages listed are the stated ages of the characters.

HENRY BINGHAM (mid 40s):  Director of the Quail Valley Country Club. Witty and cynical at times, much

           like Basil from Fawlty Towers

PAMELA PEABODY (39):  A member of the Quail Valley Country Club, very attractive and sophisticated,

          but a bit loose and a bit of a drinker
JUSTIN HICKS (25):  Bingham’s new eager-to-please assistant who volunteers his services as a golfer to              help Quail Valley win the golf tournament

LOUISE HEINDBEDDER (23):  A waitress at the Quail Valley Country Club, very attractive and a bit flighty,              but studious, can cry at a moment’s notice
DICKIE BELL (mid 40s):  Director of the rival Crouching Squirrel Country Club, a bit obnoxious, including his           fashion sense, he tries to come off as good-natured
(40s):  Bingham’s wife; runs an antique shop. Generally overbearing and stern, she

          has a soft spot for Dickie

THE STORY:   A tribute from Ken Ludwig (Lend Me A Tenor, Moon Over Buffalo) to the great English farces of the 1930s and 1940s,  A Fox On the Fairway takes audiences on a hilarious romp, which pulls the rug out from under the stuffy denizens of a private country club.  Filled with mistaken identities, slamming doors, and over-the-top romantic shenanigans, it's a furiously paced comedy that recalls the Marx Brothers' classics.  A charmingly madcap adventure about love, life, and man's eternal love affair with...golf!

For more information about auditions, email  [email protected]​​​

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