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We are always looking for volunteers in various roles to help support our productions.  Don't worry if you've never participated in theatre before; we'll teach you what you need to know! To access our online

​Volunteer Opportunities form​:

​                           or

Send an email, noting your area(s) of interest, to:  [email protected]

​    Directing           Reading Plays           Scenic Painting
    Publicity           Stage Manager          House Manager
      Props                Set Building           
Sound and Lights
   Costumes        Hair and Makeup               Sewing
 Concessions           Stage Hand   /   Backstage Work

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​Membership in The Lakeway Players

Members receive advance notice of shows and are included in membership events.  Membership dues are $5 per year and require concurrent membership in the Lakeway Activity Center.  To join, please access and print our Membership Form:


Mail form and check to:   
                                 The Lakeway Players    
                                 ​P.O. Box 340435
                                 Lakeway TX 78734-0435

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